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Regular Matt Barber Columnist Again Calls For Death Penalty For Homosexuality

"The Law of God, that says that homosexuals must be put to death, must be enacted against this evil. You say that this is inhumane, that it is cruel, but it is not. What is truly cruel is giving freedom to caretakers and disgusting parents the 'freedom' to force children to watch this sickness manifest before their innocent eyes. Any parent, or adult, who brings children to a sodomite event should be arrested and punished, for those that 'have pleasure in them that do them' 'are worthy of death' (Romans 1:32), as we learn from the sublime words of St. Paul. This is true love, to destroy evil where it stands, to cut it off before it grows like a weed and consumes all of the nurturing love of righteous truth. The state must be slaughter these wicked reprobates or else they will continue to flood the world with their gloomy darkness." - Theodore Shoebat, writing for his father's Shoebat Foundation.

Both Shoebats are columnists for BarbWire, the personal site of Christian leader Matt Barber, who is the vice president of the Liberty Counsel and an associate dean at Liberty University. Barber has published three BarbWire columns by the younger Shoebat in the last month. A few weeks ago Barber penned a World Net Daily column in which he proclaimed "disgust" at two previous BarbWire columnists who support putting gays to death. And then he went on to blame "virulent homosexual and atheist bloggers" for pointing out the columns in the first place. Both of the earlier BarbWire columns from gay death penalty advocates were deleted within 24 hours without any comment or apology on the site. It appears that since Theodore Shoebat only calls for the murder of millions of gay people on his own site, he will continue to be welcome to write for Matt Barber. Praise Jesus.

RELATED: Theodore Shoebat also enjoys compiling YouTube clips of gay men being brutally beaten by Christian mobs.

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