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Ted Cruz: The Fortune 500 Wants To Persecute Pastors, Priests, And Rabbis

Ted Cruz is campaigning in Iowa where yesterday he denounced the corporate reaction to RFRA laws in Indiana and Arkansas. Via the Des Moines Register:
"Religious liberty is not some fringe view," Cruz, currently the only declared candidate for president, said to about 300 people in Sioux City, the first stop on a two-day tour. "Sadly, a whole lot of Republicans are terrified of this issue." Cruz had strong words for business leaders who haven't defended religious freedom laws like the one in Indiana, which has sparked a firestorm of debate. "The Fortune 500 is running shamelessly to endorse the radical gay marriage agenda over religious liberty to say: 'We will persecute a Christian pastor, a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi,' " he said. "Any person of faith is subject to persecution if they dare disagree, if their religious faith parts way from their political commitment to gay marriage."
Cruz went on to outline his 2016 platform of repealing Obamacare, repealing Common Core, and also something something guns and Jesus.

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