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TRAILER: Jurassic World

Via Rolling Stone:
The first official teaser for the long-awaited Jurassic World featured plenty of exposition – but a depressing lack of dinosaurs. The folks behind the movie's new global trailer, however, have gone to great lengths to rectify the situation by showcasing all kinds of CGI behemoths – from a monstrous, hungry sea beast (the "mosasaurus") to a winged dino that picks up a woman and soars away. Picking up 22 years after the timeline in the original Jurassic Park, the new film focuses on a dinosaur park operated by the Masrani Global Corporation on the Central American island Isla Nublar. In an attempt to spike attendance, the company leads researchers to create new creatures using genetic modification – and the results are (as one might expect) disastrous, as the bloodthirsty "Indominus Rex" begins to "kill for sport." Chris Pratt stars as a velociraptor trainer who stands up to corporate greed while trying not to become some beast's afternoon snack.

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