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Trans Man Sues Former Employer, Says Boss Fired Him For Not Wearing A Dress

From the New Orleans ABC affiliate:
A New Orleans law firm is taking on the civil rights case of a Lake Charles man who says he was fired from his job, after he refused to wear a dress, and be treated as a woman. WGNO reporter Deepak Saini explains why this lawsuit is one of the first of its kind in Louisiana. Two years ago, Tristan Broussard was happy about landing a great job. “Just the environment inside, everyone was like family in there so I was pretty excited to start the job,” says Broussard. Shortly after being hired by the Lake Charles branch of Tower Loan, Tristan’s supervisor asked for his driver’s license for paperwork and noticed it stated his ‘Sex’ was listed as ‘female.’ “I was very honest with her. I’m transgendered, but I’m on hormones for at least a year now,” says Broussard. When the company learned Tristan was Transgender, he says Tower Loan’s Vice President, wanted him to sign a document stating that because Tristan was born a woman, that he should dress and be treated as one. Tristan refused and says he was fired.
Broussard's right to sue was approved by the EEOC.

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