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World Net Daily Stops Pretending

"America was much better off when its businesses routinely posted signs that read, 'We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone,' and meant it. After all, they 'built it,' and freedom – like the freedom of association – was universally understood to be a natural, God-given right. But now, in our more 'enlightened' age, freedom has been squashed in favor of special rights for protected groups, and 'hell to pay' for unprotected groups. LGBT groups have been effective in linking their immoral cause to the noble civil rights movement. In reality, gays never wanted equality. They wanted society to accept their sinful lifestyle, or else. LGBT groups – to be blunt – act like fascists. What’s so bad about discrimination anyway? Discrimination has always been a hallmark of freedom. The ability to discriminate is given to us by God so that we can make right choices." - Jesse Lee Ferguson, writing for World Net Daily.

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