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Activist "Punks" Iranian Officials: "What's Your Favorite Way To Hang Gays?"

David Keyes, executive director of Advancing Human Rights, attempted to "punk" the New York City visit of Iran's foreign minister last week by staging a giveaway of ice cream and balloons to "celebrate" the 1000th hanging by the Iranian government. Via The Blaze:
Keyes said he uses comedy and satire to highlight human rights abuses, because “dictators fear humor.” Though Keyes didn’t get up close to the foreign minister, he did approach – armed with festive helium balloons in the red, green and white colors of the Iranian flag – Iran’s deputy foreign ministers Abbas Araghchi and Majid Takht Ravanchi. “Guys, how are you going to celebrate 2,000 hangings,” he asked as he walked alongside them. “What’s a favorite way to hang gay people, you think?” The Iranian officials appeared momentarily flustered by the display and apparently walked around the block in a circle, Keyes said. Keyes extended his hand for handshakes, but the Iranians didn’t take him up on the offer. As they entered their SUV, Keyes saw someone inside taking his picture. “Snapping pictures of me, that’s a little terrifying,” Keyes said.

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