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Harlem Hate Pastor James David Manning: Sodomy Is A White Person's Disease

"Germany is a big hotbed for sodomy and everybody knows about France. And then of course in Belgium, and the Netherlands, and Switzerland, and Sweden, and Norway, and Finland. All that region is the hotbed and origination of modern sodomy. Not in China. You're not gonna find that in China. You're not gonna find that in India. You're not gonna find it in Africa. You're not gonna find it. It isn't there. Sodomy is a white people's disease. Now don't go thinking I'm speaking racially here. I'm just identifying a spade as a spade. Look into the eyes of these sodomite women and sodomite men. They are sick! They are demon possessed! They are possessed by the devil himself. Don't you go to sleep around a person who is a sodomite."- Harlem hate Pastor James David Manning, in today's YouTube sermon. Earlier this month Manning's church was added to the SPLC's list of hate groups.

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