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Holy & Hungry: Christian Cooking Show To Launch With "Faith-Inspired Recipes"

Casting call:
Are you restaurant owner that is guided by your passion for cooking and faith? Does cooking for others give you a spiritual satisfaction? Are you a leader in your community and enjoy giving back through sharing food with others? Do you have delicious, faith-inspired recipes that you want to share? If so, we want to hear from you! An exciting new series for The Cooking Channel hosted by Sherri Shepherd is looking for Christians in the culinary world who have created dishes with a literal and/or meaningful connection to their faith. Whether they own a restaurant or catering company, or just love to cook and have a particular dish or two for which they're known for, we're looking for Christians from all walks of life to featured in our show.
Yes, the show is really called Holy & Hungry. The producers would like a headshot and a description of the applicant's "favorite faith dish." I have no idea what that means and neither does the Google. (Tipped by JMG reader Steven)

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