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AFA Launches Wells Fargo Boycott

From the American Family Association:
In 2003, AFA warned that Wells Fargo was beginning to show public support for homosexuality. They were one of the first companies in America to do so. In 2005, Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family announced it was withdrawing funds from Wells Fargo after the company threw its support behind homosexual activist organizations.In May, 2015, Wells Fargo released a one-minute commercial video featuring two lesbians adopting a little girl. This week, AFA joins Franklin Graham, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse, in calling on Christians to close their Wells Fargo bank accounts in support of God’s laws and His standards. If you have an account with Wells Fargo, we urge you to close your account as your way of letting the company know you support God's standards, not theirs. Even if you're not a customer, contact Wells Fargo to show your disapproval of their business practices. We have provided email, phone and social media contact information, including a sample letter.
Here is their suggested email to Wells Fargo: "I stand with American Family Association in opposing the cultural acceptance of homosexuality. Your latest commercial is where I draw the line with your company. God’s plan for marriage and family does not include the promotion of sin. Unfortunately, Wells Fargo has chosen to advance immorality and unhealthy lifestyles. Add me to those who are calling on Wells Fargo customers to close their accounts in support of biblical truth."

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