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Chinese Gays Marry In West Hollywood

Via the Los Angeles Times:
For seven Chinese gay couples, a trip to California offered something that wasn't legal at home: marriage certificates. The couples were among hundreds who entered a high-profile online contest offering an all-expenses-paid American dream wedding. On Tuesday, they wed at the West Hollywood Library — the same place where, two summers ago, gay couples married en masse after same-sex marriage became legal in California. As camera crews surrounded her, Xue Mengyao sneaked a look at her bride-to-be, Xu Na, getting her makeup done and wearing a long white dress with lace and pearls. Asked how Xu looked, Xue couldn't answer. She said if she did, she would start crying and ruin her own makeup. “First sight,” she said, recalling when she first knew she would fall in love with Xu. “First sight.” The women, both in their 20s, met while volunteering at the Beijing LGBT Center. They were in a crowded, noisy room, but there in the middle, Xue spotted a woman who just radiated beauty and confidence.
Hit the link for much more. And get a tissue.

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