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Circuit Party Leaves Fire Island Pines, Joins Boycott Of Manhattan Hoteliers

Edge Media reports:
The drama in Fire Island Pines now officially spans two continents. The Ascension Party, a staple of the circuit scene for nine years, is packing up and leaving Fire Island Pines and traveling to Mykonos this August, citing the recent boycott against OUTpost Fire Island Pines properties as the impetus for the move. The announcement marks the second time the Ascension Party has changed dates and venues for its 2015 edition. Prior to the move to Mykonos, Ascension's producers announced that the party, long held in the middle of August, would be moved to Labor Day weekend. The move angered fans of the party, many of whom arranged for their house share weekends to coincide with the original date.

Although there was immediate speculation surrounding the motivation behind the move to Mykonos, suspicions were put to rest Friday morning when Ascension's producer, Eric Von Kuersteiner announced his reasons for moving the party via post on the closed Facebook group "Free" Fire Island Pines. In the post, Von Kuersteiner cites the recent boycott of the OUTpost Fire Island Pines properties that arose when one of its partners, Ian Reisner, co-hosted an ersatz fund raising party for anti-gay GOP hopeful Ted Cruz at his Manhattan home in June. "I thought that the Boycott would have convinced Ian (Reisner) to do the right thing and sell (he's had offers since I withdrew mine) unfortunately however he has not," Von Kuersteiner wrote, previously citing the economic boom the Ascension Party gives to the Fire Island Pines commercial district each year.
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