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DENMARK: Political Gadfly Runs For Prime Minister With Nude Campaign Poster

Via the Local Denmark:
John Erik Wagner wants voters to know two things: 1) he is running for prime minister and 2) he is proud of his penis. He doesn’t stand a chance of winning, but say this for John Erik Wagner: the man’s got balls. Although to be fair, they aren’t on full display along with his penis in election posters that can be spotted all throughout Copenhagen. Wagner is running for prime minister as an independent and has a history of displaying a shall we say unconventional approach to politics. The 52-year-old from the Copenhagen district of Amager has been running in parliamentary, local and regional elections since 2005. Most of that was with little attention but that changed in 2013 when he burst onto the stage in his customary cowboy get-up during a live televised municipal election debate to protest the exclusion of smaller parties.
The uncensored campaign poster is here.

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