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FRC Promotes Right Wing Phone Service

Via press release from the FRC:
Family Research Council Action has fought for more than 30 years to protect your values of Faith, Family, and Freedom. Did you know that the money you spend each month on your cell phone bill could help support our fight for these core principles? You probably are unaware of it, but today all of the major phone companies are actively supporting the liberal causes and candidates that threaten to ruin our country. Collectively they have spent almost $100 million to help elect more than 10,000 liberals to offices at the local, state, and national level. We are proud to share with you an alternative to the liberal agenda of the major phone companies. Eos Mobile was founded by conservatives, for conservatives and with the goal of supporting conservative groups and candidates. With Eos Mobile you get: A better value for your money with plans starting at $9.95/month and that are typically 10-15% lower than your liberal provider. Peace of mind knowing you are supporting the efforts of Family Research Council Action with 3% of each bill going to support our shared values.
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