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LOUISIANA: First Marriage Takes Place, Gov. Bobby Jindal Says Clerks Can Opt Out

Louisiana has seen its first same-sex marriage but Gov. Bobby Jindal is following the lead of Texas and today declared that state employees can opt-out if they have religious objections.
Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration has said Louisiana court clerks and other state employees who don't want to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of religious objections won't have to do so. Jindal's office has said the governor's religious freedom executive order as well as state and federal law will protect clerks and state employees who have moral objections to gay marriage and don't feel comfortable handing out licenses to same-sex couples. "We believe the U.S. Constitution, Louisiana Constitution, Louisiana's Preservation of Religious Freedom Act, as well as our Executive Order prevents government from compelling individuals to violate sincerely held religious beliefs. We will continue to fight to protect religious liberty," said Mike Reed, spokesman for the governor's office.

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