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Matt Barber Columnist: Burn The Fag Flag

"Don’t ban the Confederate flag, instead they need to ban that blasphemous and demonic homosexual flag, that desecrates and mocks the beautiful image of the rainbow that signifies the covenant that God made with man never to flood the world again. I say keep the Confederate flag and strip every single one of these repulsive, diabolical little flags. Shred them to pieces, burn them, take them down and rip them up. Do whatever is necessary to destroy these idols. All of those in the South, who want to see the Confederate flag remain hoisted and presented, should, in multitudes, burn these horrid sodomite flags, to shake up the government and let them know: we know why you are doing this, you have an agenda, and that is to strip away traditional Southern culture and replace it with the modernist antichrist ideology." - Theodore Shoebat, who includes a video of the "fag flag" being burned in eastern Europe.

RELATED: The above-linked post is from Shoebat's site. He and his father Walid Shoebat are regular contributors to Matt Barber's BarbWire. In April 2015 Theodore Shoebat called for executing all gay people.

ALSO RELATED: Yesterday BarbWire published a column which calls on all Christians to affix black mourning ribbons to their American flags.

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