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MICHIGAN: Activists Call On Gov. Snyder To Veto Anti-Gay Adoption Bills

Yesterday the Michigan Senate approved a trio of anti-gay adoption bills that will soon head to the desk of Gov. Rick Snyder.  LGBT groups are calling on Snyder to veto the bills, but so far he hasn't tipped his hand.
Gov. Rick Snyder has been coy about whether he'll support the bills if they reach his desk. He said earlier this year that the adoption bills would need further review and that he's in favor of children being adopted by "loving families" and "loving parents." He didn't specify if that included same-sex couples. On Wednesday, Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel, said the governor will carefully review the bills "through the lens of what will ensure that we are taking care of the most Michigan children, and matching them with their forever families." Critics of the bills have derided the legislation as state-sanctioned discrimination — especially because many of the faith-based agencies receive public funding from the state. But supporters say it will help keep all options open for adoptive parents, while not forcing the agencies to compromise their principles for fear of legal retaliation or face closure because of a loss of state funding.
Lambda Legal provides the link to contact Snyder.

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