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NEXT WEEK: JMG Reader Meetup At London's Duke Of Wellington Pub

As I mentioned on Facebook a few days ago, the overlords at Pride Magazine have rather abruptly decreed that I'm to go to London next week for a few days of "synergy and digital integration planning" with the team of sister publication, Pride Life.  This mean that I'll miss NYC Pride for the first time since I've lived here (argh!) and that I'll be out of position time-wise (so to speak) when the SCOTUS ruling comes down. On the other hand - free trip to London - so after consulting the Facebook mind hive, we've decided on the Duke Of Wellington pub in Soho for a JMG reader meetup on next Thursday at 9PM. We'd do it earlier, but I'll be blogging on my regular US schedule while I'm there. London Pride is that Saturday, so if you don't make the meetup, look for me with the Pride Life crew.

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