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NOM's Hate Pledge 2016 Site Is Live

NOM anti-gay marriage hate pledge site has gone live. From the press release: 
The NOM Presidential Pledge was extremely influential in the 2012 Republican primary process. Not only did every major Republican candidate sign our pledge, including eventual nominee Mitt Romney, but it forced all the candidates to address the marriage issue during the course of their campaigns for the presidency. NOM spent more than a quarter million dollars promoting our pledge. We expect our 2016 pledge to play an extremely important role in the selection of the eventual Republican nominee, and we will invest heavily in promoting it. You see, NOM's pledge doesn't just ask the candidates to make some generic statements in support of preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman; it asks them to take specific actions when elected, letting the American people know exactly how they will govern concerning marriage when they are elected.
Predictably, the site also includes a money beg portion they calling "The People's Pledge."

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