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NORTH CAROLINA: Vote On Magistrates Marriage Refusal Override Is Delayed

From the Campaign For Southern Equality: "The fact that Senate Bill 2 was not voted on by the House is a testament to the waning support for this discriminatory bill. North Carolina is better than SB2, and the only thing keeping this bill alive is cynical political maneuvering. People all across the state are speaking out against this bill, and we will continue to mobilize until it is defeated."

The last day of the legislative session is Friday.

RELATED: The Charlotte News & Observer today published an op-ed from a woman who was denied a marriage license 40 years ago because her fiance was black. An excerpt:
Thomas and I eventually did get married, and a court later ruled that those two magistrates violated the law when they refused to marry us, but the pain from that day – when government officials used their own religious beliefs to discriminate against us and keep Thomas and I from marrying each other – will never leave us. Whether gay or straight, black or white, Jew or Gentile, nobody has a right to tell anyone who they can love or marry. House representatives must finally stop Senate Bill 2 and sustain the governor’s veto so that no other couple in North Carolina ever has to go through what we did when they want to marry the person they love.
The couple remains "happily married" today.

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