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Quote Of The Day - Frank Bruni

"I know a hot trend when I see one and I hate to hop aboard too late. So here goes: I’m announcing my candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. Sure, I have severely limited name recognition in the hinterlands and, come to think of it, in most urban, suburban and exurban areas as well. But that isn’t stopping Lindsey Graham. True, I have questionable hair (what’s left of it). But that’s not going to deter Donald Trump. My weight has been known to fluctuate, but that connects me to Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, whose Paleo regimen has worked slimming wonders. Forget his position on immigration and check out those new cheekbones! Memo to self: Out with the rigatoni, in with the rib-eye." - Frank Bruni, writing for the New York Times.

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