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Seychelles To See First Gay Wedding

The former British colony of Seychelles will see it first same-sex wedding tomorrow when two men marry at the British consulate. The local clergy is very unhappy. Pink News reports:
Same-sex marriage is not possible in the island nation, and the two men will be wed in technically British territory, by the British High Commissioner, Lindsay Skoll. Anglican Bishop James Wong, however said according to Today in Seychelles: “I believe Mrs Skoll is conducting this ceremony at the end of her mandate to do something that is illegal in Seychelles. The wedding of two men in Seychelles is illegal and shameful”. He also described it as “disrespectful to Seychelles”. However, the High Commission released a statement to say: “The High Commissioner is emphatic that this is in no way intended to show any sign of disrespect to the laws, values and beliefs of the people of Seychelles, but is hopeful that, as well as being a joyful occasion, it will also contribute to a healthy dialogue on the rights of non-heterosexual people in Seychelles.”
Seychelles comprises 115 islands off the eastern coast of central Africa. About 75% of its 92,000 residents identify as Roman Catholic. Tomorrow's ceremony is believed to be the first legal same-sex wedding in the 54-member African Union other than those conducted in South Africa. Homosexual acts between males in Seychelles are punishable by up to 14 years in prison, but the law is not known to be enforced. (Tipped by JMG reader Murray)

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