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Bill Donohue: It Pays To Be Pro-Gay

"It pays culturally and economically to promote the interests of gays, but not Catholics. From Wall Street to Wal-Mart, most non-gay organizations across the nation have jumped on the gay bandwagon. Not to do so is to be culturally shunned and individually stigmatized. There is no such penalty for not supporting Catholics, and indeed there is little downside to bashing them. Just ask HBO. It also pays economically: on average, gays earn more than straights, and many lavishly grease these non-gay but gay-friendly groups. Consider the Gawker controversy. Gawker fired journalists who ran a story about a married man, Timothy Geithner’s brother (he is the CFO of Condé Nast) for allegedly soliciting sex from a male porn star. No one was fired for posting excerpts of a video showing Hulk Hogan having sex with a woman who was a friend of his wife (the wrestler is suing for $100 million). Gawker founder Nick Denton explained why he took down the story about Geithner: 'If the post had remained up, we probably would have triggered advertising losses this week into seven figures.' It pays to be pro-gay." - Bill Donohue, writing for the Catholic League.

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