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KENTUCKY: Liberty Counsel Lawyer Says Plaintiffs Don't Really Want To Get Married

"We were able to see through her testimony that this case, more and more, is really about the plaintiffs wanting to force Kim Davis to issue a marriage license despite her sincerely held religious beliefs. It's not about the plaintiffs' desire to get married. They drove two hours to a county where they could have gotten a license if they wanted one. They drove an hour last week to court to a county where they could've gotten a license if they wanted one. And they could've gotten a license in just about every county in between that they passed through if they had wanted one. Just as Justice Alito predicted in his dissent in Obergefell secularists are trying to 'stamp out every vestige of dissent' by targeting people of faith who do not agree with same-sex marriage." - Liberty Counsel senior attorney Roger Gannam, declaring that since the plaintiffs drove to a different county to attend the hearing of the ACLU's lawsuit, they don't really want to get married.

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