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Michelle Duggar Roller Skates To YMCA

Raw Story reports:
The Duggar family is clearly not sulking around their aircraft carrier of a house and hanging their heads in despair after being dumped from TLC last week. E! Online reported Thursday that the reality-TV family posted a grainy cell phone video to their Facebook page this week of family matriarch Michelle Duggar roller skating to the Village People’s 1978 hit single, “YMCA.” “Check this out,” wrote daughter Jinger. “Our mom is so much fun! We had a blast skating together yesterday. Check it out. Her skills are mad! She out-skated the whole place…backwards!”

The Duggar family’s TLC program, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled by the network after admissions by eldest son Josh Duggar that he inappropriately touched and fondled his sisters and another girl when he was a teenager. Michelle Duggar was instrumental in helping the effort against a nondiscrimination law in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She recorded a robocall that went out to thousands of households in which she urged voters to strike down a city ordinance outlawing discrimination against LGBT people in housing, health care and other critical services.

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