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NOM Money Begs ON FADA (Again)

"We have already made great progress in advancing the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). The Senate version of FADA, S. 1598 authored by Utah Senator Mike Lee, has 36 Senate cosponsors. The House version, HR 2802 authored by Idaho Representative Raul Labrador, currently has 142 cosponsors. That means that over 40% of the entire Congress is officially supporting this critical legislation — an impressive accomplishment! Despite this high degree of Congressional support, enactment of FADA will take a fierce fight. NOM must raise $100,000 immediately to mount a full court blitz to pass this legislation. The First Amendment Defense Act is the Hyde Amendment of the marriage issue. It will protect people of faith from being forced to be involved in supporting this illegitimate attempt by the Supreme Court to redefine marriage. Please help us protect American families and the religious and charitable institutions they treasure by making a generous financial contribution to NOM today." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, who doesn't say how that $100K will be used. Today's email contains 15 links to NOM's donation page.

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