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PHILADELPHIA: Prosecutors Make Plea Offers To Alleged Gay Bashers

Philly Mag reports that the suspects in last year's brutal gang gay-bashing have been offered a plea deal by prosecutors.
Sources on both sides of the case confirm that all three suspects now have plea offers in hand and that they are are weighing their options. "On behalf of my client, we are reviewing a plea offer from the District Attorney," says Williams' attorney Fortunato Perri. Williams stands accused of punching both victims, Zachary Hesse and Andrew Haught, according to court documents. Haught suffered the greatest injuries, requiring hospitalization.

Louis Busico, attorney for Kathryn Knott, says that he's "always happy to have open lines of communication" with prosecutors but wouldn't say whether Knott is going to take the deal. While Williams and Harrigan were allegedly the more physical aggressors, it was Knott who received the brunt of public backlash after homophobic rants were found on her Twitter feed.

Harrigan's attorney, Josh Scarpello, did not return calls seeking comment. According to an affidavit of probable cause in the case, Harrigan initiated the confrontation when he called the victims "faggots," and he struck Hesse.
According to the above-linked report, if convicted on all charges at trial the trio could face from 34 to 68 years in prison. That result is highly unlikely as none of the three had been arrested before. If the plea offer is accepted, an insider predicts sentences of 12-24 months in county jail. Jury selection will begin in September if they don't take the deal.

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