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Reality Show Star Slams Iran Deal

"Don’t say it’s unbelievable. Of course it’s believable. This is the world we live in today under American leadership that would surrender Israel’s security and our own. Don’t say it’s unbelievable. When Barack Obama warned voters he would “fundamentally transform America” and they voted for him anyway – twice – what was once the most powerful office in the world crumbled under perverted political ambition. I’ve always said, 'We can survive this President, but can we survive the people who voted for him a SECOND time?'  But after today, do you believe there is assurance we will survive this President? His wink and a nod to an evil regime hell-bent on destroying us just made his 'fundamental transformation' job a whole lot easier. We must build up the foundation again; rebuild the wall protecting our – and Israel’s – sovereignty. There are 554 days until we do that, by fundamentally restoring America. In the meantime, Congress, stop the madness. Do your job. Veto Obama’s act of capitulation. Take the white flag of surrender out of this President’s hand." - Foreign policy expert, nuclear physicist, and failed reality show cast member Sarah Palin, writing for Breitbart.

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