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Tony Perkins Has The Fourth Of July Sadz

"Eight hundred years ago, Magna Carta was signed in England. It limited the power of the king for the first time. It is from Magna Carta, and not from some French atheist of the eighteenth century, that we derive our idea of legally binding the government to respect human rights. Last month, that same high court, unbound the government. Marriage is no longer marriage. Their marriage proposal is to end marriage in America. Every argument for men 'marrying' men is an argument for three men marrying' or three women 'marrying.'

"This same court ruled that in construing a law, the words of the law approved by Congress and signed by the President no longer have a fixed meaning. They can be -- in fact they must be -- revised. The words must be made to unsay what they said. And to say what none thought they said. Such a court is accountable to none; it is unchecked and unbalanced; as such, it is subject only to its own vaguest notions of what 'a living Constitution' allows. Does our nation still hold these truths? Are we still a free people?" - Hate group leader Tony Duggar Perkin Duggar, via email.


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