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The Guardian recaps:
You would suppose that the rescue of a bunch of miners buried deep underground and facing certain death would be perfect source material for a major motion picture, and you’d be right: the story of the 2010 Chilean mining disaster has been shepherded on to the big screen in (relatively) short order. And now the trailer for The 33 is out, we can get a sense of what’s transpired. First things first, this film is in English – or at least the heavily accented variety that makes everyone sound a little like a 40s cartoon character. We also know that this film will contain some of the corniest dialogue ever minted – “that’s not a rock, that’s the heart of the mountain – and she finally broke!” – delivered in Antonio Banderas’ best breathy quaver. On the other hand, even in this snippet form, it looks like the scenes of actual cataclysm are efficiently mounted. But however it plays, the main thing is the Chilean miners story is one of those chestburstingly amazing things that actually happened, and a film would have to be completely awful to mess that up. Never mind if they say cheesy things on the way.

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