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Billboard Of The Day

Via Pink News:
A local radio host is taking aim at Caitlyn Jenner’s transition on a new billboard ad – in a town where a trans woman was nearly beaten to death last year. Denny Schaffer, whose show airs on Star 105.5 in Toledo, Ohio, is pictured on the billboard imitating the Olympian’s Vanity Fair cover, on which she unveiled her new identity. The caption reads: “Transition to Star 105.5 and don’t call me Caitlyn.” However some of the local trans community have slammed the station, given just last November a trans woman was attacked in broad daylight and nearly beaten to death in the town. Candice Milligan, 33, was punched, kicked, and robbed of her mobile phone in downtown Toledo, by three male perpetrators who screamed derogatory abuse.
The station is capitalizing on the controversy by inviting listeners to call in and say whether the billboard should come down.

RELATED: Viewership nose-dived this week for the second episode of Jenner's reality show.
Jenner, the former athlete whose transgender journey is probably the most famous in the world, has lost half her audience in the second week of the show. It drew 1.3 million cable viewers on Sunday night, down from 2.7 million for the premiere. The second episode's ratings are lower than for any episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, on which Jenner originally starred, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "The series opened to lofty ratings expectations, thanks in big part to the record highs Jenner brought to 20/20 with her exclusive April sit-down with Diane Sawyer," it says of I Am Cait. Variety attributes the 53 per cent drop for the latest episode to "curious viewers" failing to have an appetite for more of the show, which is about the transformation of Jenner from Bruce to Caitlin.

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