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GOP Candidates Reveal Pre-Debate Rituals

Via Bustle:
We're just hours away from the first Republican primary debate on Thursday evening. At 5 p.m., seven candidates who trailed in the polls will present their stance before the 10 leading candidates take the stage for the main event at 9 p.m. Some have participated in dozens of these debates — or, at the very least, similar speeches, interviews, and campaign events — so, naturally, they've developed certain habits and traditions to help them prepare. In a video made by the website Independent Journal Review, the 2016 Republican candidates reveal their pre-debate rituals that help them get centered and focused. Some of these will surprise (and delight) you. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday just hours before the debates, appears to have been made before Fox News announced its lineup of the 10 candidates who will be partaking in the primetime debate, as it features several of the candidates who will be taking the 5 p.m. stage. That distinction should not matter, however, because the earlier debate will be equally important in shedding light on the GOP candidates' positions.

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