Main | Thursday, June 15, 2006

Alert Status Yellow

Midtown Manhattan, Thursday, 12:30PM

Remember those rubber-band propelled balsa airplanes from when you were a wee lad? A co-worker came in today with one he found at a downtown dollar store over the weekend, and he had some fun putting it together and trying to fly to it around our office this morning. Then he went to lunch and I picked it up and thought I'd have some fun with it. Unfortunately, one of the ten windows in our office just happened to be partially open and don't you know...


FoxNewsAlert- We interupt this blogpost to report that according to sources at Homeland Security, some sort of mechanized, possibly self-propelled device has been launched onto the roof of New York City's Grand Central Terminal, one of the busiest transportation hubs in North America and a long-feared target of terrorist activities. The device appears to have originated from one of the office towers that surround Grand Central, although that is unclear at this time. Police and tactical units do appear to be concentrating on one building in particular, where Fox News has spotted a horrified man hiding behind a file cabinet near an open window. The man is said to be middle-aged and possibly chubby. More on this story as it develops.

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