Main | Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Morning View - Trump Palace

I've ragged on other Trump Buildings around town, but this one I really like. Trump Palace, built in '91, is the tallest building on the Upper East Side at 55 stories. With balconies for every unit and windows that actually open, it looks bright, airy and livable. It's peach-ish color seems more suited for South Beach than Manhattan, but I rather like that too.

I admire this beauty every day on my way past it and several times a week I shop in the grocery store in its basement. The building is mostly condo, not co-op, as newer buildings in NYC tend to be, with some rental units as well. A friend of mine looked at a 400-sq foot studio and when he reported the price as $2600/mo, I actually said, "Oh, that seems reasonable!" Then I caught myself and laughed and laughed.

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