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According to Lady Miss Blogger, this is my 1000th post. It's unreal that I've spewed that much nonsense in only 27 months, especially considering that for the first year I scarcely posted once a week. It reminds me of the woman who accused me of being with the CIA when she saw me taking pictures at the Iraq war protest.

"Hey! CIA! CIA! Look at him! Why is he taking pictures of us! He's CIA!"

"Chill, honey. I'm only taking pictures for my blog."

"For your what?"

"My blog. I'm a blogger. Do you know what a blogger is?"


"Oh yeah, right. You're of those guys who go BLAH BLAH BLAH on the internet."

Pretty much sums it up.

In other meta-news, I'd like to direct you to a new email address for JMG-related messages. I can longer manage the volume of blog-related emails mixed in with all the dirty pictures and gossip that my IRL friends send me. I've seriously neglected my blog correspondence and oftentimes it's the most profound, smart, beautiful letters that get lost, because I think, "Oh, this one deserves quite a bit more than a dashed off 'thanks for writing'", and I put it aside until I can give it the response it deserves....and then within a few hours it's aged off my main mail page, never to be properly handled. Please direct JMG-related email to me at All my meatspace pals should continue using the old address.

And in other, other meta-news, I should mention that this blog has finally paid off in a way that is valuable to me. Over the past year in particular, publicists and agencies have sent me Broadway tickets, nightclub passes, books, CDs, t-shirts, product launch invites, etc. Sometimes I mention those items here, but only if I have something positive to say. (And usually, I don't. But keep that swag comin'!) Anyway, I finally got something I really like: FREE PORN. I'll be reviewing said FREE PORN here tomorrow, Saturday, for your NSFW pleasure. I'll put the (relatively tame, anyway) images behind a cut before Monday (once I figure out how to do that correctly. ) I haven't burdened y'all with advertising, "tip jars", or wish lists, so please embiggen your souls and allow me to post my FREE PORN review without cries of "Sell out!". And if anybody out there wants to send me more FREE PORN, see the email address above.

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