Main | Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Here On The Island Of Misfit Goys

...As I predicted, NYC's legendary Limelight nightclub (left) will be turned into a mini-mall . Misty, water-colored memories of Paramus. Speculation is that the primary tenant will be H&M.

...The cart license to sell hot dogs on the steps of the Met is now $326,000 a year. Less, if you are OK with parking your cart in one of the hi-stabbing zones in Central Park.

...Grand Central Terminal has ditched their classic holiday laser ceiling show for a massive projection display (left, embiggen make pretty) that throws taxi, train track, and turnstyle images all over the walls. It's very cool, but I think I'd hate to be sitting in those fancy restaurants in the balconies. It's like eating under the SuperTrooper at Roxy.

...The hottest cops in NYC have all been assigned duty in Times Square this week. I have no proof of this, I'm just thinking that somebody at NYPD knows where the tourists are right now, and they are making things very pretty-pretty for all those cameras. If you're in Times Square, make sure to get a look at Officer Hottie McPackage, working the corner of Broadway & 45th for the last few days. I'm just sayin'!

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