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HomoQuotable - Christine Quinn

"I think that the New York City electorate will always elect the person they feel most connected to and the person they think is most competent and effective." - Christine Quinn, the openly gay Speaker of the New York City council, when asked if NYC is ready for a gay mayor. Quinn is high on the short list of probable candidates for the 2009 mayoral race.

I wasn't crazy about Quinn's plan to require NYC nightclubs to record the IDs of all their patrons, but by all accounts she has been quite effective as Speaker. David Cicilline, the mayor of nearby Providence, Rhode Island is openly gay, but I don't know if the millions of residents of Brooklyn and Queens, many of whom are from socially conservative countries, would vote for a lesbian mayor. Still, gay mayors are the rage in Europe, and New Yorkers are nothing if not trendy.

Bertand Delanoë is the openly gay mayor of Paris.
Klaus Wowereit is the openly gay mayor of Berlin.

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