Main | Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BK Tops Most Blogged List

Brooklyn has the bloggiest 'hoods in the country, according to a study that tracked 100,000 posts about 3000 neighborhoods. Unsurprisingly, the ten most blogged-about neighborhoods in the nation are hotbeds of education and the creative arts. Here are the top ten nabes for hipster hype.

1. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
2. Shaw, Washington DC
3. Downtown Los Angeles
4. Newton, Massachusetts
5. Rogers Park/North Howard, Chicago
6. Pearl District, Portland OR
7. Watertown, Massachusetts
8. Harlem, Manhattan
9. Potrero Hill, San Francisco
10. Coconut Grove, Miami

In the print version of today's NY Post, where I first saw this item, the author said something like, "People in Brooklyn feel a real connection to their neighborhoods, like they can personally impact what is happening. Unlike in Manhattan. The Upper East Side doesn't exactly inspire blogging." I suppose I should feel insulted.


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