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More Foreskin Furor

In response to the recent endorsement by the World Health Organization, the New York City Department of Health is also planning to promote circumcision for men at risk for HIV, asking community groups AND gay rights organizations to discuss the procedure with their members. This, despite WHO's own statement that the procedure holds little value for gay men who practice receptive anal sex. About 10% of NYC's gay men are thought to already be infected, with the number as high as 25% in gay neighborhoods like Chelsea. The NY Times article raises the new/old specter of down-low black males, whose circumcision might give protection to black females.

Maybe NYDH's slogan should be "Cut tops, not bottoms." In any case, I'll be very surprised if NYC's black and Hispanic gay men don't raise hell about this campaign, at least until there is some (ahem) hard data proving its worthiness for gay men.

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