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Sanjaya: Maxim's Girl Of The Day

OK, now it's on. Laddie mag Maxim has just named Sanjaya as their Girl Of The Day. I'll admit that previously I joined in the Sanjaya bashing as gleefully as the next person, but Maxim has pissed me off enough to really start pulling for the kid. It's sorta how we're allowed to make fun of our own, but The Others are not, dig? I can't imagine that Sanjaya is not One Of Us (and I hope he is), and even if Maxim is just taking a good-natured poke at him (and I think they are), I feel we must now claim him. Sanjaya lives! (via - Towleroad.)

UPDATE: Having seen tonight's show, I'm fairly confident Sanjaya's ride is over. He was just impossibly bad.

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