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HomoQuotable - John Waters

"If Travolta was homophobic, dancing in that fat suit with as many gay people as are working on this film, he would have had a heart attack and been dead." - John Waters, responding to yesterday's Daily News story about a brewing boycott of his upcoming movie, Hairspray. Waters: "First of all, he is playing a loving mother, not Harvey Milk. I'm all for gay troublemaking, but is this journalist going to police the religion of all actors? Do we boycott Nicole Kidman because she's Catholic?" (Sounds like a lot of the commenters here. Does Waters read JMG? Say "Hi", John!)

Referring to Washington Blade editor Kevin Naff, Waters took issue with the story's headline, "Travolta in 'Spray' Revolts Gays", saying, "It should have said 'Revolts Gay,' because it's just one person." As for Naff's contention that Divine would be upset over Travolta's casting, Water's adds, "Believe me. Divine was not political. Once, accidentally, because he didn't know better, he did a tour of South Africa during the apartheid era. ... He wouldn't be rolling in his grave except for the fact that he didn't get the part."

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