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RuPaul's Starrbooty

Yesterday I attended a screening of RuPaul's new movie Starrbooty, which makes its debut at NYC's NewFest film festival this Saturday. Produced by RuPaul and directed by Mike Ruiz (above right), Starrbooty follows the title character, the world's leading supermodel and secret agent, as she goes undercover as a Meatpacking District hooker to find her adopted niece Cornisha who has been abducted by evil cosmetics mogul Anika Manner (Candis Cayne) who plans on selling Cornisha's clitoris to the highest bidder. Along the way there is kung-fu action, gun play, dance routines, and lots and lots of raunchy, perverted sex with full-frontal engorged male nudity. Got all that?

Starrbooty pays homage to blaxploitation icon Pam Grier, John Waters, and Mommie Dearest with appearances from porn stars Gus Mattox and Micheal Lucas and several notables of NYC's drag scene, such as Lady Bunny, Candis Cayne, and Sweetie. (I particularly enjoyed seeing Micheal Lucas machine-gunned to death while holding his hard cock in his hand. Sweet.) Before the screening, RuPaul cautioned us that the film was still being tweaked before its Saturday debut and that we were the first audience to see Starrbooty. If you go, set your faces on stunned. Mine still is.

UPDATE: The official site for Starrbooty is now online. Check out the trailer and the music video on YouTube.

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