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Tammy Faye Credits Gays For Saving Her

"You know when we lost everything, it was the gay people who came to my rescue and I will always love them for that." - Tammy Faye Messner, speaking on Larry King Live. Messner is near death from lung cancer and weighs only 65 pounds. (via - Towleroad.)

Some of the commenters on Towleroad complain that even near death, Messner is an "attention whore" who cannot pass up a chance to be seen on national TV. Perhaps. I will always remember happening upon an episode of the PTL Club back in the early 80's and being startled to see Messner interviewing an AIDS patient. Her kindness towards that man was something I'd never seen on television, particularly on a Christian program. I don't buy that Messner was innocently unaware - duped by her husband Jim Bakker - as the PTL Club defrauded viewers of millions of dollars. But that interview will always stay with me.

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