Main | Monday, October 22, 2007

Six Month Cativersary Recap

When Shelley is feeling needy (about every 15 minutes) she gets between me and my keyboard for her favorite game, Fang Roulette, in which I guess how many times I get to pet her before she (playfully) bites me. It doesn't seem possible, but I've had her for six months this week. She's morphed from being skittish around strangers to being everybody's best friend. And even though she was "fully grown" when I adopted her at 18 months old, she has gained almost four pounds, now weighing in at a normal ten.

She comes running when I call her (mostly) and obeys when I tell her to get down from somewhere, although I pretty much let her go wherever she wants. She's never once missed her litter box and doesn't even hurl up cat hair, ever. (Which actually worries me a little bit.) But last week during one of her hourly freak-outs, and even though I had secured the wires as best I could, she pulled the cable box down again and it wouldn't come back on. It was two dark, entertainment-free days before I could get down to the Time-Warner store to swap it out.

Last week the fantastic East Harlem ASPCA called to check up on how Shelley is doing and to offer to re-spay her, since the first one didn't "take". She hasn't had another heat episode in a couple of months, but now we're on stand-by for the next one as the operation has to take place while she's in heat. I have a feeling I'll need sedation as much as she will.


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