Main | Monday, November 26, 2007

Manhattan Monday

- NYC soup kitchens saw a 20% rise in hungry New Yorkers over the last year. New report: One out of six NY'ers, 1.3 million people, "cannot afford an adequate and consistent supply of food." When the economy catches a cold, the poor get pneumonia. Those in need can now call 311 for a direct connection to a food bank or soup kitchen in their neighborhood.

- Theater District restaurants are about to start laying off their staffs as the Broadway strike heads into its third week. Negotiations continue. One bright note: The Grinch was permitted to re-open.

- ConEd non-shocker: NYC's manhole covers are made in India under very unsafe conditions.

- State lawmakers have closed a loophole which would have allowed landlords who withdraw from government subsidy programs to immediately raise rents on their units to market value. Buildings affected must transition from rent-controlled to rent-stabilized, which allows for modest annual increases.

- A 25-unit apartment building a couple of blocks from me burned down yesterday. Everybody in my building seems to be cooking all the time and that worries me more than crime or terrorism. I think I should probably keep Shelley's crate on the fire escape.


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