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Susan Leal Struck By Car

Susan Leal, the head of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the highest ranked lesbian in that city's government, was struck by a car and thrown 30 feet yesterday. Miraculously, Leal remained conscious and appears to have no broken bones or internal injuries.

Leal has been making headlines lately as rumors abound that Mayor Gavin Newsom has asked her to resign. Both Leal and Newsom (who appointed Leal in 2004) have been dodging questions about her possible resignation. Newsom was elected to a second term as mayor last month and critics are complaining about the dwindling number of gays in his administration.

Immediately upon the news of Leal's injury, the comments board at SFGate lit up with (mostly) jokey accusations that Newsom had a hand in the incident:

- "Wow, didn't know that Newsom would play this rough. Hope she is up and walking soon."
- "Just what did Gavin know and when did he know it?"
- "Newsom tried taking a page out of Ted Kennedy's book. But he got it wrong, he should of been behind the wheel."

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