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Poland To Defy New Adoption Rules

Polish leaders announced yesterday that they would not abide by the new ruling from the European Court of Human Rights which declared that gays couples have the right to adopt. A recent poll in Poland showed that 93% are against gay adoption.

The European Court of Human Rights is not a European Union authority, but is a creation of the Council of Europe. Poland and the UK are the only nations in the 27-member EU not to sign on to the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights. New elected Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk had previously promised to sign the charter, but has now backed out.

Tomasz Szypula, the head of Poland's Campaign Against Homophobia said, "Poland is not going to protect its citizens on equal level as 25 other EU member states. In Poland there's no anti-hate speech, anti-hate crime, anti-discriminatory laws which mention sexual orientation and now there won't be the Charter of Fundamental Rights."

Why hasn't the UK signed the charter? Anyone?

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