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Potential Alzheimer's Breakthrough?

Interesting news on Alzheimer's research:
An Alzheimer's patient improved "within minutes" of being injected with a new drug in a scientific breakthrough against the disease, it has emerged.

After being injected in the spine with a treatment for arthritis called etanercept, the 89-year-old could remember the date and his doctor's name and say where he was - which he had been unable to do only 10 minutes earlier.

The patient was given a further five injections one week apart and improved consistently, although he still had problems with simple maths and money.

A pilot study of 15 patients at the University of California, Los Angeles, last year showed an improvement of symptoms six months after treatment with etanercept. Scientists noticed that the effects took hold very quickly in 10 patients and set up a detailed investigation to measure the effect.
I should probably send this story to my mother, who screams, "It's STARTING!" every time she can't find her car keys. But I won't.

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