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Joe is otherwise occupied, so I'm afraid that today's performance will feature an understudy once again. Sorry! And, no, you can't get a partial refund on the ticket price at the box office. Them's the rules.

Memorial Day weekend brought some spectacular weather to New York City and environs. Almost summer-like! With the warm weather comes love in the air, not just here, but also in the state of California, where ...

A recent state Supreme Court ruling struck down statutes that limited the right of marriage to heterosexual couples. Barring further developments, gay men and lesbians will be able to marry as soon as June 14 in some parts of the state. Notably, conservatives are significantly overrepresented in the California state Supreme Court -- six of seven justices are Republican appointees.

This ruling comes on the heels of recognition that civil unions -- from an equality perspective -- are not working. Marriage equality, I wager, only happens when all people who wish to marry are covered by the same set of laws.

Been married? Getting married? Consider the comments on this post an open thread for this or any other topic. (And, by the way, how are you this morning?)

-- Aaron.

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