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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

My hometown of Orlando has been rousting the homeless from downtown streets, causing them to go live in the woods outside of town.
The homeless crackdown in downtown Orlando has forced many homeless to migrate near east Orange County suburbs. Within four miles of the busy intersection at Colonial Drive and the Econlockhatchee Trail, News 13 was told as 20 homeless camps were set up deep in the woods. News 13 used pictures from Sky 13 after being warned by several homeless people not to enter.

One homeless man, who did not want to be identified, said many walked for miles to east Orange County to get a fresh start. "The cops and society is just downloading on ‘em. It makes it hard. So everybody is coming to a new area, new surroundings. To make their life a little bit easier, I guess," said an unidentified homeless man. Some homeless people said they traveled to east Orange County because there are lots of undeveloped areas, with lots of woods where they can set up camp and hide.
I suppose they have it better than NYC's mole people.

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