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UN General Assembly Locks Down Manhattan

Gotham is on super-extra-deluxe security lockdown today for the 63rd annual United Nations General Assembly. All of your favorite whackjobs are in town: Mugabe, Imadinnerjacket, Chavez, and Dubya. Mubage speaks today, tomorrow our ignoble leader makes his final (!!!) speech to the Assembly.

Right now the streets of the East Side are crawling with cops, feds, Secret Service, and the like as everybody is freaked over this weekend's bombing of the "secure" Islamabad Marriott. Most of the streets around the UN are closed to vehicles and the FDR is experiencing "intermittent closures" as the various motorcades arrive. The Coast Guard has blockaded the East River and there's a number of machine gun-toting soldiers positioned in Grand Central.

This week always makes me very nervous.

UPDATE: My pal Eric Leven is working on the East Side today and sent in the above photo of riot police with machine guns. Eric reports that there are snipers on some of the rooftops around the UN.

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